Amadin Shoes

Luxury Shoe Brand for Children

Project:  Brand Identity (Logo and Website)

Brand Identity = When Yetunde and Ose recruited me to assist them with the success of their luxury shoe line for kids I was more than honored to participate. I have been involved in almost every detail of their brand identity. From facetime to random phone calls, the power couple have worked tirelessly to produce the shoe to match the standards they have envisioned for their first endeavor into kid’s fashion. The website and logo work hand in hand with the vibrant colors that vividly represent their brand slogan “Be Bold.” To give the logo a visual appeal for children using a bird was suggested. After many revisions I was able to take an original interpretation of the bird provided by their photographer with a cleaner more minimal look to match the simplicity of the shoe and keep the focus on the quality promised in the brand.

Website: AmadinOnline